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We're reshaping the data management landscape. Our platform provides effortless connection management, collaborative query sharing using SQL and natural language, and advanced task scheduling. Dive into your data with our dynamic dashboards, fostering an insight-driven culture within your team. Explore PlanSQL and discover a new era of efficient, collaborative, and insightful data management.

Effortless database connections.
Connect to a wide range of Relational and NoSQL databases with a few clicks.
Connection tunneling.
Connect to your database through SSH tunnel over public internet or set up a private connection through VPN.
Dynamic dashboards.
Visualize your data in a whole new light with our customizable dashboards, turning complex data into understandable insights.
Advanced security.
Role-based access control, two-factor authentication, auditing, and more.
Advanced scheduling.
Schedule queries for execution, making recurring tasks a breeze.
Identity Federation.
Connect with your existing identity provider with one click.

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Query Smarter, Not Harder

AI for Smart Queries

Our platform leverages cutting-edge AI to help your team generate and execute accurate queries instantly, allowing you to make data-driven decisions with confidence.

Smart suggestions.
Write your query using the natural language and see them turned effortlessly to SQL matching your database.
Stay secure.
Your data doesn't leave our platform. We use schema of your database and sample data to generate queries.
For our Enterprise customers, we can offer fine tuning of our models for best results.
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No Database? No problem.

Query the Clould Storage directly

Skip the import process entirely. Our platform allows you to execute queries directly on data stored in cloud storage systems like S3, whether it's in JSON, Parquet, or CSV formats.

Reduced load times
By querying data directly from your cloud storage, you eliminate the need for time-consuming imports, thereby reducing your project’s time-to-insight.
Streamlined data management.
Keep your data where it belongs - in your secured cloud storage. Direct querying means fewer data copies and a simplified, more manageable data pipeline.
Cost efficiency.
Direct cloud reads bypass the need for additional storage or computing resources that traditional importing processes often require, allowing you to maximize your budget.
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